Publications By Dr. Farzana Bari


Atricle NameDateNewspaper / Magazine
let no more stones be cast1-Jun-14Tribune
Equality for women is progress for all8-Mar-14Tribune
International human rights — rhetoric or reality?1-Jan-14Tribune
Malala: the battleground7-Nov-13Tribune
Abolish the death penalty 10-Jul-13Tribune
Reserved seats for women and the elite’s hold on them7-Jun-13Tribune
Gender deficit in politics2-May-13Tribune
Are men and women really equal in the West?18-Mar-13Tribune
Saving lives in Kohistan29-Jan-13Tribune
In defence of reserved seats for women20-Dec-12Tribune
Gender deficit in electoral rolls24-Aug-12The News
Lessons from the Kohistan episode 25-Jun-12Tribune
Are the Kohistani women alive?12-Jun-12The News
I am not sure if all the Kohistani jirga women are alive11-Jun-12Tribune
Politics of domestic violence bill10-Apr-12The News
What human rights?10-Dec-11Tribune
Beyond reforms22-Nov-11Tribune
Blinkered justice?30-Apr-11The News
Who is responsible for this death?7-Jan-11The News
16 days9-Dec-10The News
Opportunity in tragedy4-Sep-10The News
Gender-blind15-Apr-10The News
Rights without rights11-Mar-10The News
Threats to the state3-Oct-09The News
A humanitarian crisis12-May-09The News
In the name of 'peace'7-Apr-09The News
Why governments fail12-Jan-09The News
How to counter militancy15-Oct-08The News
Celebrating the 'culture' of burying women alive3-Sep-08The News
Tyranny of Hudood Laws14-May-02The News